Encouraging Student Writing with the SJKids prompts

Are you interested in having your students write for an authentic purpose? The Salem Statesman Journal offers prompts for students, and publishes selected responses each week. Here is the new set of prompts to inspire student writing. You can submit writing by one of 5 ways:

  • Enter at StatesmanJournal.com/SJKidsform
  • Email to SJKids@StatesmanJournal.com
  • Fax to (503)399-6706
  • Mail to SJ Kids, Statesman Journal, P.O. Box 13009, Salem, OR 97309-3009
  • Drop off at Statesman Journal newsroom, 280 Church St. NE, Salem, OR

Each submission must include student’s full name, grade and school, or age and city if homeschooled.

Here are the upcoming prompts and due dates. All are due by 5:00 pm on the given day.

  • April 10: If the day was 25 hours long instead of 24, what would you do with the extra hour?
  • April 15: If you built a portal that could go back in time, which time period would you visit?
  • April 22: What are black holes and what do they do?
  • April 29: What makes you feel better when you’re sick?
  • May 6: Pretend that you’ve woken up in a different country today. Which one would it be and why?
  • May 13: If aliens landed in your backyard, and they were friendly, list three things you would teach them about Earth and its customs.
  • May 20: Why does hair turn gray?
  • May 27: Can you think of one thing that every kid needs? What is it and why do they need it?
  • June 3: If you had to tell a secret to someone, whom would it be? Why would you choose that person?
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